Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are Pounds Sterling (GBP).
  • All photos of products on this website are reference only, and actual products and/or packaging may vary.
  • A full refund or a replacement product is provided when an order is not received.
  • Orders may be refunded under certain circumstances. Refunds are given at our own discretion.
  • We accept returns in exchange for a full refund. However, in order to receive a full refund all items returned must be undamaged and in a condition where they can be sold as new.
  • Customers agree to consult a Doctor prior taking any medication in order to ensure its safety.
  • Unitedpharmacies and all of its employees bear no liability in connected with any goods purchased from this website.
  • Welcome promotional discount code only applies to payment made using the wire transfer payment method only.
  • Return customer discount codes does not apply to payment made using the wire transfer, bank draft or Bitcoin methods, they only apply to the card payment method.
  • Return customer discount will be given to all paid orders, no matter which payment methods is used. However, the code can only be use for the next card paying order.
  • Only one discount code can be use per an order, and usage is limited to the payment type used.  
  • Wire transfer and Bank draft are only accepted in GBP.
  • Wire transfer and Bank draft payments paid in other currencies may not be processed and non refundable.
  • For wire transfer payments, the customer is responsible to pay all bank cost for sending payments, any payment received that is not the full total, may not be processed and the order put on hold until the full payment has been made.
  • Wire transfers and Bank draft must contain the order number info for us to identify the payment, if that info is missing we may not be able to identify your payment and you may lose out finically that way.


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