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  • 2019-02-18 - The items with the active ingredient : Pregabalin and Gabapentin will become a control substance from April 2019 in the UK

  • It has come to our knowledge that the items : Lyrica, Pregabid, Gabapin, Nervz-G and Neurontin will become a controlled Class C substance from April 2019 In order to receive your order before the April deadline, we would suggest if you could place your order before 8 March. So we can ship it out before the April deadline. After April 2019, we will not able sell this items and we cannot send any replacement order for this items.
  • 2018-10-02 - New discount scheme available.

  • With extra value given on the discount voucher, also we have added extra benefit which can be use immediately.
    For more details please see our FAQ.

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