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Ciloxan Eye Drops (Ciprofloxacin) are antibiotic eye drops which are effective against a broad range of bacteria. The active ingredient in these drops is a type of second generation fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

Brand Name : Ciloxan
Manufacturer : Alcon Laboratories Pty. Ltd.
Country of Origin : Belgium
Intended Patient : Unisex
Ciloxan Eye Drops (Ciprofloxacin) - 0.3% (5mL)
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Main Use Active Ingredient Marketed Name
Bacterial eye infections Ciprofloxacin Ciloxan Eye Drops

Ciloxan Eye Drops (Ciprofloxacin) are antibiotic eye drops which are effective against a broad range of bacteria. The active ingredient in these drops is a type of second generation fluoroquinolone antibiotic, and its method of action involves inhibiting the enzyme that the bacteria need to reproduce and repair (called DNA-gyrase). Without this enzyme, the bacteria eventually die. Conditions such as pinkeye (referred to medically as conjunctivitis), corneal ulcers and other bacterial infections of the eye are treated with these drops.

Dosage and Administration
Ciloxan Eye Drops (Ciprofloxacin) come as a solution, which is instilled into the eye or eyes that require treatment. You must strictly follow your doctor's instructions, as strict and specific dosage requirements may be necessary, depending on what condition you are treating. If you are using these drops as a treatment for a corneal ulcer, your doctor may tell you to apply them every 15 to 30 minutes for the first day of treatment, after which it may be necessary to apply them every 1 to 4 hours.

A whitish buildup in the eye may be noticed by patients treating a corneal ulcer. This is normal, and indicates that the medicine is working. However, if you are concerned, you should ask your doctor. Treatment of conditions other than corneal ulcers may require a different dosage regimen, and you are advised to check with your doctor.

Side effects
Treating eye infections with Ciloxan Eye Drops (Ciprofloxacin) can sometimes result in side effects, such as:

  • Crusty eyes
  • A strange or unpleasant taste
  • Pain or discomfort in the eyes
  • Feeling as if there is something foreign in the eye
  • White buildup in the eye (if a corneal ulcer is being treated)

Tell your doctor about any side effects which you notice while using these eye drops. In rare cases, serious reactions can occur. Seek medical attention immediately if you notice severe swelling of the eye, extreme eye pain, changes in vision, an increased eye sensitivity to light, symptoms of a new eye infection or any other signs of a severe reaction.

If you use contact lenses, it is necessary to tell your doctor. Do not wear contact lenses during treatment unless your doctor tells you that it is safe to do so.

Blurred vision may occur after application of the eye drops. If this happens, you should not drive or operate machinery until you are sure that it is safe to do so.

Seek immediate emergency medical attention if you suffer an allergic reaction. Symptoms to watch for, which may be indicative of a reaction, include skin rashes, hives, swelling of the face or limbs, trouble breathing, and trouble swallowing.

Always use Ciloxan Eye Drops (Ciprofloxacin) as you have been prescribed by your doctor. Never self-medicate or change your dosage without first consulting your doctor. The correct dosage can vary depending on your health, medical history, and the severity of the condition being treated.

This medication may not be safe for all patients. Before you begin using it always disclose the following to your doctor:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you suffer from any allergies.
  • If you suffer from any other health conditions or illnesses.
  • If you are using any other medicine (including all non-prescription).
  • If you are using any supplements, vitamins, or herbal products of any kind.

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